I believe that we are born knowing how to freely use our voices and then, as we grow and develop, our body and our minds add all sorts of obstacles in the way.  I apporach teaching singing, and working on my own singing, by focusing on finding tensions and learning how to release them and letting your own unique voice free.  My style of teaching is tailor made for each individual student.  I believe that students must learn basic music reading skills and solid technique but I also feel that singing is very much connected to physicality and emotions and, therefore, a different experience for each student.  Some of the things we work on include:

  • releasing body tensions that inhibit a free sound
  • using language to free up and focus the voice
  • building confidence in performance and presentation
  • song interpretation
  • basic music reading and sight singing skills
  • keeping the joy in singing; singing should be fun and feel great!

I earned my Masters Degree in Vocal Performance from Indiana University’s Jacob’s School of Muisc and my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Education from Salisbury University.  I am also currently still an active professional singer/actor which I feel gives me a unique perspective on how deal with the demands put upon the voice and in how to guide young performers who might be interested in entering the business.


** Currently only accepting students in person in the Western Long Island area

** Might consider Skype for a one time coaching on a song type of thing only

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