My Fair Lady:

“Ms. Wills has a lovely voice. It is a pleasure to hear her sing “Wouldn’t it Be Loverly” and “I Could Have Danced All Night”. Ms. Wills has an assured stage presence...[and] becomes a gracious Eliza, with a warm vulnerability peeking through her polished surface.” Aileen Jacobson - New York Times

“Admittedly, a critic tires of seeing certain shows over the years. Then a bit of theatre magic. [Jamie] Jackson delivers the professor’s speech on the elegance of the English language so convincingly, he transforms Eliza. Eliza is so smitten she “Could Have Danced All Night”. We see it in Wills’ eyes and hear it in her thrilling voice.” Steve Parks - Newsday

“Jennifer Hope Wills plays Eliza’s indignant, feisty, proud and vulnerable character with such conviction it’s hard not to jump on stage and cheer her on. Wills is luminous...[and] tackles “I Could Have Danced All Night” effortlessly, and hit those high notes joyfully, with clear precision.” Linda Leuzzi - Long Island Advance

“Wills is charming and wins your heart from her first almost incoherent growls and shrieks. As Eliza, Wills is stunning...her voice is clean and clear, sweet and crisp. The notes she hit throughout have me goosebumps. With Wills leading the cast, Gateway has yet another successful show to be proud of.” Genevieve Horsbarsh - Dan’s Papers (Hamptons)

“Ms. Wills was absolutely brilliant as Eliza Dolittle. “I Could Have Danced All Night” was received with roaring applause from the nearly sold out audience.” Melissa Giordano -

The Sound of Music:

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“It seems only appropriate to have cast Jennifer Hope Wills in a show that boasts the infamous “Do Re Mi”, for Ms. Wills herself is very nearly a “drop of golden sunshine” in the critical role of Maria Rainer. She gleefully bounds around the stage from curtain up to curtain down, exuding an energy so youthful it is almost hard to believe she has a host of numerous and varied Broadway conquests under her belt.” Alexandra Strycula -

“Jennifer Hope Wills gives us a young Maria, fierce enough to stand up to the stern captain, yet naive enough to be confused by the emotions that overtake her. Together [with Robert Cuccioli], they combine their voices to make the minor song “Something Good” into a tuneful and touching celebration of their shared love.” Alice T. Carter - Pittsburgh Tribune

“Wills brings a fun, crisp persona to the character. Her youthful exuberance makes it easy to see why the von Trapp children were able to relate to her. Wills is wonderful to watch interact with the children but there is a chemistry that is quickly evident with [Robert] Cuccioli. There is a spark when they are together and they harmonize beautifully on “Sound of Music” and “Something Good”.” Carol Waterloo Frazier - Daily News

“Jennifer Hope Wills is a delight as the young novitiate Maria. With boundless energy and a powerful singing voice, Wills captures the heart of the cold Captain von Trapp - and she’ll capture yours too. F.J. Hartland - Out Magazine

Aspects of Love:

“Director Bruce Lumpkin gets strong work from his golden-voiced ensemble. Jennifer Hope Wills gives charm and depth to the leading role of Rose, and she's especially impressive on her powerful final solo, ‘Anything But Lonely.’” Tim Dunleavy

“In addition to the breathtaking and soaring voices of the trio, this is one of the most magnificently designed shows [at the Walnut] in recent history...Both voices [Hagerty and Schoeffler] meld symphonically with that of Ms Wills’ soprano, whose range is as vast as true love itself. Their harmonies are rapturous. Wills' swan song, ‘Anything But Lonely’ is stratospheric.” Greer Firestone - Community News

“The voices in this Aspects of Love soar. OK, you could say, so the actors rise high above material that languishes beneath them, and what's the point in that? The answer here is clear: performance. Jennifer Hope Wills plays the young actress struck by her stage-door Johnny, portrayed by Charles Hagerty. His crystal tenor meets her wide-ranging soprano, and the chemistry is obvious. (Plus, the two of them are lovable on stage, singing or not; Wills is alluring and cheeky and Hagerty has a sweet presence that makes you want to quickly introduce him to your daughter.)” Howard Shapiro - The Philadelphia Inquirer

“The Walnut production yields a stellar performance from Jennifer Hope Wills as Rose. Wills as Rose has the hardest job. It is a thankless role, and yet Wills manages to find some dignity in the character, and shines, especially in her solo numbers.” Dante J.J. Bevilacqua -

“The would-be French actress Rose, is played most winningly by the gorgeous and very talented Jennifer Hope Wills. Her two male lovers, the younger played by [Charles]Hagerty, and the older played by Paul Schoeffler, are a match in every way for the captivating Wills.” Bonnie Squires - Philadelphia Record



"Wills is a beatuiful Magnolia, with a lovely voice. She begins as a young, innocent girl and ends as a mature woman who has weathered all the bad things that life has thrown at her and comes out a winner. Wills' transformation from innocent girl in love to successful matron is impressive." Bev Sykes - The Davis Enterprise

"JHW as Magnolia and Ron Bohmer as Gaylor Ravenal are a marvelously matched pair who soar on the ballads "Make Believe", "I Have the Room Above Her" and "You Are Love". Marcus Crowder - Sacramento Bee

"JHW successfully navigates Magnolia's journey from youthful romantic to hopeful and proud adult and never have clearer high notes been so perfectly sung." Harmony Wheeler -

The Music Man:


"JHW plays Marian with heart and charm. Her determination to avoid Hill’s advances is sternly comical without being prudish. The townspeople may look at Marian as an outsider, skewing her innocent relationship with the town’s benefactor, but through Wills’ performance, Marian comes across as fiercely protective of not only her family but her town, loyal and caring rather than a frigid spinster." Christina Perryman -

"Every single actor, all first class, adeptly walks the path between caricature and humanity. As Marian the Librarian, JHW never fell into frigid princess cliches but had the dignified sorrow of someone whose perceptual intelligence of the town's folly makes her an outsider." David Patrick Stearns - Philadelphia Inquirer

"As Marian, JHW is tough and savvy. She's got a terrific voice and is so attractive that it's easy to understand why Hill falls for her in a big way." Clark Groome - Chestnut Hill Local

"In the role of Marian Paroo , Jennifer Hope Wills’s operatic-quality soprano voice and wholesome loveliness may evoke remembrances of a young Barbara Cook on Broadway or Shirley Jones on film, but she brings her own special style of winsomeness and vocal glory to the librarian who steals Hill’s heart and inspires him to reform his dastardly ways." Barbara Yoresh - Vero Beach Newsweekly

 Wonderful Town:

"Eileen, the truly luscious, honey-voiced Jennifer Hope Wills...When this Eileen sings, 'mmmm...I'm a little bit in love,' with the relaxed contentment of a cat in mid-stretch, it's unlikely that anyone in the audience doesn't feel the same about Ms.Wills." Ben Brantley - The New York Times

"And talking of pure joy I come to the new cast of those Ohio girls trying to make it in Greenwich Village of 1935. Both Shields and Wills are smashing. These two are not replacements, they are renewals." "In her way almost as effective as the protective Shields is the extrovert Wills' lovely - and also well sung - sketch of the blonde cutie." Clive Barnes - New York Post

"The adorable Jennifer Hope Wills plays her [Shields'] younger sister Eileen with just the right note of innocence. She sings "It's Love" radiantly." Howard Kissell - Daily News

"Jennifer Hope Wills is a terrific Eileen, as youthful and beautiful as the show requires, and singing in a more appropriate and luscious manner." Matthew Murray - Talkin' Broadway

"Jennifer Hope Wills is warm and winsome, her sweet soprano a neat match for a wholesome girl entirely uncalculating in her irresistibleness to men." David Rooney - Variety

"The production is fortunate to have the stunning Jennifer Hope Wills in the role of Eileen. Wills is not only a gorgeous blonde, she's also a seductively natural actress and her bright soprano buoys Shields in their duets."  Barbara & Scott Siegel - Theatremania

"Jennifer Hope Wills' delicately sexy Eileen and gorgeous soprano set off Brooke's husky-voice and skyscraper height to perfection." Elyse Sommer - CurtainUp

"Now there's another big plus to the new reincarnation of this show that I didn't even know about. The producers hired a new sister Eileen by the name of Jennifer Hope Wills who is a drop dead gorgeous blonde which is exactly the traits called for in this show. She does a great job with 'Why Oh Why Ohio' and 'My Darlin' Eileen' and just turned me on with one of my favorites 'A Little Bit in Love'. David F. Richardson - WOR Radio

Phantom of the Opera: (Mostly from a very short stint on the National Tour while in Canada.)

“With all due respect for the gifted Michael Crawford, Sarah Brightman and Steve Barton who created the three central roles the current trio playing them now are absolutely first rate. John Cudia, Jennifer Hope Wills and Ryan Silverman are absolutely sensational.” Richard Seff -

"Jennifer Hope Wills is a lovely Christine, one of the best, who sings like a dream and dreams like a girl mesmerized. She is dramatically more intense than most, better at the nuances of attraction/repulsion. Liz Nicholls - The Edmonton Journal

"Jennifer Hope Wills is also a fine performer - a beautiful woman with a honey-dipped soprano. When we first see her, her Christine is an innocent, a child unprepared for life and hugely influenced by the ghostly 'Angel of Music' who guides her. But as the production unfolds, Wills skillfully manages the transition to confident young woman able to face down the phantom in his own lair." Colin MacLean - The Edmonton Sun

"The most beautifully shocking aspect of The Phantom of the Opera, though, is the remarkable voices projected from each and every character, especially Christine. Sure, at first, it's disappointing to know that Sarah Brightman-a former Christine, back in the day-won't be belting out 'Think Of Me' or 'The Phantom of the Opera,' but really, Wills could easily replace all of Brightman's grace. Wills is flawless, as are Cudia and Monley, the two men who act as perfect counterparts to her amazing voice. All of the main characters emit such accomplished senses of passion, confidence and poise that one can barely soak it all up. They just make it look so easy. Amanda Ash  - The Gateway

"Jennifer Hope Wills also shines in the role of Christine. She exudes beauty and innocence in equal measure, yet she is capable of great power when confronting the Phantom. And Adam Monley makes for an impressive Raoul, giving one of the best performances of the night, while singing 'All I Ask Of You' with Wills. That along with his and Wills' breathtaking 'Think of Me' and the popular 'Phantom of the Opera' are alone well worth the price of admission." Tara Merrin - The Calgary Sun 


"Wills could not be more ideal for the virginal Sandy. She almost made me forget Olivia Newton-John when singing Hopelessly Devoted to You." Andy Propst - American Theatre Web

"Wills sets a vocal standard. Her singing has a pure clarity and deft phrasing that are a pleasure. Wills constantly reminds you of the qualities that have kept Finian's Rainbow around, and she even manages to transcend the cliched conception of her character." Desmond Ryan - The Philadelphia Inquirer

"As a fetching Irish lass, Wills avoids the saccharine and never oversells a song, letting her fresh and graceful vocals speak for themselves. Her "Look to the Rainbow" is a gentle prayer, but she also shows her pluck and versatility in "When the Idle Poor..."” Dante J.J. Bevilacqua - South Philly

"Wills was captivating and moved with tremendous grace only to be upstaged by her beautiful, haunting voice." Arthur Shettle - The Daily Times - MD (The Secret Garden)

"As Emma, Jennifer Wills has a gorgeous soprano voice and a Nicole Kidman look with her red hair and porcelain skin. She makes Emma's complete love for Jekyll very real." Kerry Clawson - The Beacon Journal - OH

"Of the four soloists, Wills was the most capable of enough vocal projection to be heard from the stage to the back of the house. She dominated the stage all evening with her wistful interpretation of 'Hello Young Lovers', a saucy performance of 'Wonderful Guy', a very upbeat version of 'My Favorite Things' and a beautiful understated expression of the sweetness of 'The Sound of Music'." Martha A. Fawbush - The Citizen Times - NC (Asheville Symphony)

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